Themed Lesson Plans

Are you looking for ideas for a creative Yoga class for children?  Do you want to incorporate engaging Yoga "play" into your home, classroom or therapeutic setting?  Then our themed lesson plans are just what you need.


Each plan is thoughtfully structured following the same class plan outline we teach the students in our teacher training program.

You'll get practices for breath awareness, warming up, asanas, transitioning to quiet, meditation and relaxation - along with the games, creative movement and activities that make Yoga engaging and fun for children of all ages. All this is cleverly sequenced to follow a specific theme and intention. You'll also get a list of suggested supplies for the class and additional resources where appropriate.

Use the plans as is or as thought starters and supplements to your own ideas.  Each one is chock full of fun practices that can easily be made into more than one class, or many different practices at home or school.

You'll get the themed/child friendly name of each pose and practice along with the Sanskrit name where applicable.  Detailed descriptions of how to achieve proper alignment in each pose are not included.  You'll need a basic understanding of Yoga to use these plans.

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Peter and the Wolf

Use Yoga poses and music to tell a story and enhance mind-body connection.

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Visiting Feelings

Help children develop emotional intelligence through mindful movement and sensory exploration.

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Elephant In The Dark

Explore how our limited perceptions can sometimes keep us from learning the true, full nature of things.

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On My Way To A Happy Life

Explore 7 simple lessons to open the heart, mind and spirit that help children experience increased happiness.


The Great Kapok Tree

Help children connect to nature while learning a bit about the Amazon Rain Forest and the glorious animals in it.


Ayurveda in the 100 Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh and his friends  beautifully illustrate the three main Ayurvedic doshas.



Experience the blooming of flowers as a metaphor for growth.

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The Great Race

Perfect for a Chinese New Year class but can easily be modified for use throughout the year.



Wake up your inherent capacity to be a hero, feel strong and have fun.


Earth Day

Focused on earth/groundedness practices, different kinds of energy and endangered species.


Renewable Energy

A balanced practice that develops awareness of our subtle nature by exploring natural sources of energy.


Patanjali's Yoga

A fun and engaging way to teach the 8 limbs of Yoga.


Spooky Fun

Kids love Halloween and there are many wonderful Yoga poses and games that help us celebrate this colorful, creative and creepy day.


Giving Thanks

A "journey" themed plan with a healthy dose of gratitude practices.


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