You have a passion for children’s wellbeing and you want to combine your two favorite things - kids and Yoga.


You light up when you see a group of kids on Yoga mats.  You are looking for the unique tools and techniques that make Yoga safe, effective and engaging so you can blend your two favorite passions – Yoga and children.  

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Teach Yoga to children and get monthly resources to support your work.

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And Experienced Yoga Teachers 

You’ve got a certificate to teach Yoga to children and several years’ experience teaching.  You are looking for some fresh ideas, inspiration, reminders and support.  You want to expand your offerings and start to provide resources for children with unique needs. 

Add these Yoga Games to your classes, specialize in Family Yoga or get advanced training to support kids with special needs. Join our worldwide community of engaged children’s Yoga teachers.

Yoga Games for Children

Yoga games are an excellent way to help children develop self-awareness, self-regulation and self-mastery. They promo...

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Teach Yoga to Families

Finding time for fitness, family fun and a chance to relax can be a challenge. In Family Yoga classes, they are all r...

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