You love Yoga and have experienced the transformation.  You were hooked in your first class and never realized you could feel so relaxed. 


You want this for your kids.  You’ve tried to weave a little bit of Yoga in before bed and after school and are looking for more specific strategies to engage the kids.  You may have a child who is sensitive and would benefit from the self-regulation skills Yoga teaches. 

Easy to access online courses are for you. 

GFY @ Home: E-courses

We now have SIX great ways you can learn about Yoga for children - even if you are unable to study with us in person....

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Are you a Grandparent?

Your grandkids are lucky to have a yogi grandma!  You cherish them, they cherish you, you want to share Yoga with them. As many grandparents who’ve attended our trainings say with wry humor, you’re glad to have a second chance at parenting and want to get it right this time.  Yoga supports your healthy lifestyle and you want your grandchildren to benefit from an early age, and have self-care skills to carry through life.

Learn fun Yoga games and fun ways to share Yoga with toddlers.

Yoga Games for Children

Yoga games are an excellent way to help children develop self-awareness, self-regulation and self-mastery. They promo...

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Toddler Time Yoga

Learn what it takes to create an enriching social activity for both caregivers and kids. Toddler classes are differen...

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