We currently have four great ways you can learn about Yoga for children - even if you are unable to study with us in person.


In the comfort of your own home.

The Essentials of Teaching Yoga to Children

This is where you begin.  Get the fundamentals needed to teach with confidence. This program gives you tools and techniques that will enable you to share the benefits and joys of Yoga with children for years to come. It includes the cautions and considerations of working with developing minds and bodies, teaching techniques for all ages, how to plan a children's Yoga class, many ideas for games, tips for creating a cooperative classroom, and much more.


Ayurveda for Kids

The simple tools and techniques you will learn in this course can help kids in many ways. From trouble with sleep or digestion to fears that keep them from attending school or social events.


Teach Yoga to Families

Whether you teach in a studio or in homes (including your own), this course will give you the specialized tools and confidence needed to facilitate a practice for groups of varying ages, interests and abilities.


Yoga Nidra for Children

Yoga Nidra is a transformative practice that can help children feel more confident, creative and calm. Learn each of the specific techniques that make up the practice and how to use them individually or in combination for a complete experience.

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The Global Family Yoga Method

The practice of Yoga for children has erupted like fireworks. You have many choices these days when it comes to learning about yoga for children. Global Family Yoga is unique in its value and teachings.