Facilitator Skills Master Classes

Open to the public and FREE for Members of our Teachers' Community.

These focused, online sessions will help you hone your skills using Yoga with a capital "Y" for families and children of all ages. There will be Q&A to address your individual needs & interests. These sessions are personalized and interactive. We have discovered that some of the best connections have been made at these community-building continuing education classes.

Facilitator skills master classes are intended for anyone in a teaching space -  school teachers, yoga teachers, counselors, coaches or anyone in the role of facilitating a group (sports team, scout troop, etc.) who wants to incorporate a holistic approach into their work.

They are recorded so even if you are unable to attend live, the class is available to you. They're just $27.

2024 Master Class Topics/Schedule

Always at Noon Central Time

July 18

Stories & Themes

Ignite imagination and creativity through the power of storytelling in yoga. Stories engage emotions and make memories. Themes create a cohesive journey that turns a simple class into an adventure. Learn how to weave captivating stories and themes into your classes, making each session a memorable experience for your students. We’ll share examples from our catalog of lesson plans and make specific recommendations for your classes.

The kids will come running into your class excitedly asking, “what’s the theme today?!”

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August 15

Stress, Anxiety & Yoga

Equip yourself with tools to guide children through the number one challenge children face today - stress and anxiety. Discover yoga practices that promote emotional resilience and nervous system regulation, plus practical tools to educate children about their own body and mind so they become the captain of their own ship, even when being tossed about by difficult emotions and nervous system states.

Yoga is an unsurpassed strategy for reducing anxious feelings. You’ll get the top tips for formal classes as well as on-the-go for whatever situation you support children.

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September 19

Walking the Path: Child Development & Age-Appropriate Practices for Teens

Connect with the unique needs of teenagers on the yoga mat. Explore adolescent development and learn how to tailor teaching to create a space where teens can find balance, self-expression, and calm. This teen cohort are on their way to becoming the next founders, leaders and experts in our world. Let’s give them the tools they need to thrive.

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October 17

Teach Meditation to Children

Introduce the transformative power of meditation to young hearts and minds. Children often report that meditating is one of their favorite parts of a class because it’s the only time they are guided into a quiet and peaceful state. It’s simpler than you think and has profound benefits. Learn practical techniques and age-appropriate approaches to guide children in cultivating mindfulness and inner peace through meditation.

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November 21

Sensory Awareness in a Kids Yoga Class

Explore the sensory system and how what you say and how you set up your classroom can support a variety of sensory needs. We’ll discuss highly sensitive children, sensory processing differences and various levels of stimulation. Understand the importance of sensory integration and learn how to incorporate soothing and sensory-rich and experiences into your classes, fostering holistic development for every child.

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December 12

Yoga Games for Children

Wrap up the year with joy and play! Explore creative and educational games that make learning yoga a delight for children. Infuse laughter and fun into your classes while building a strong foundation for a lifelong love of yoga. You’ll learn the most popular yoga games and how to sequence them into a well-rounded class.

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