Resources to Support Teaching Yoga to Children

Welcome to our store, a treasure trove of resources designed to inspire and empower educators, parents, and yoga enthusiasts in guiding young minds on a journey of wellness and self-discovery. Elevate your teaching and inspire children with these valuable tools.


Anxious to Awesome: A Practical Guide for the Whole Family

This practical guidebook is for families looking for holistic ways to feel less anxious and more awesome.

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Lesson Plans 

Are you looking for ideas for a creative Yoga class for children?  Do you want to incorporate engaging Yoga "play" into your home, classroom or therapeutic setting?  Then our themed lesson plans are just what you need.

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Ayurveda for the Whole Family

The simple tools and techniques you will learn in this course can help kids in many ways. From trouble with sleep or digestion to fears that keep them from attending school or social events.

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Partner Poses for Families 

Partner poses are fun and engaging. They support the development of social skills while facilitating a deeper experience of the pose. They can help develop trust, communication and compassion.

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Mudras for Children 

This downloadable eBook includes an introduction to mudras, how and why to practice mudras, and instructions for 10 simple mudras suitable for children.

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Chill Children CD

Learning to relax and calm yourself is a valuable life skill. The seven lovely visualizations on this CD are based on the practice of Yoga Nidra and will guide you effortlessly into deep states of relaxation.

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What customers are saying...

“So encouraged about this book. Thank You! I think parents and kids will feel relief and joy to have this resource. It’s hard as a parent watching your kid struggle. I’m motivated and inspired.”

Amber B, Wheaton, IL

“Chill Children is a meditation CD that I am very thankful for. As the parent of two kids, ages five and eight, this CD has helped to soothe and relax all of us. And I mean all of us! Mira’s skillful soothing voice coaxed an ornery cranky family into rested, nice people.”

Debi W, Chicago, IL

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This Lesson Plan was a super duper incredibly creative! incredibly wisely sequenced and so very much as I would have done, except that it would have taken me a week (probably longer) to create!”

Catherine M., Canada


outlining our proven methods for sharing Yoga with children.

You'll also get occasional tools, tips and techniques that make sharing Yoga with children safe, effective & fun!