The Essentials of Teaching Yoga to Children

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To thrive in life, children need a strong internal compass. They need skills and resources to navigate the seas of life through sunny days and storms. Yoga teaches these skills. Yoga is that internal compass. Yoga helps a child become the captain of his own ship.

This course is the online version of our comprehensive Children's Yoga Specialty Training. We'll teach you the deeper science of Yoga. And, we'll show you how simple it can be to share with the children in your life. This empowers you to be a positive change maker. You become part of the solution.

With Yoga, kids experience physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wellbeing. They experience connection on 4 levels:

  • Connection to themselves
  • Connection to others
  • Connection to the natural world
  • Connection to Source

What is Essentials?


how to teach Yoga to kids

The Essentials of Teaching Yoga to Children is an easy-to-use, multimedia online learning experience.  It gives you all you need to empower the children in your life…for the rest of their lives.  

You share the benefits and joys of Yoga with children for years to come.

It includes:

  • Cautions and considerations when working with developing minds and bodies - so you feel confident and know you are offering a safe practice
  • Teaching techniques for all ages - so you meet the children where they are
  • How to plan an effective children's Yoga class - so kids stay engaged and reap the benefits
  • Sequencing strategies - for greatest effect
  • Games and creative projects - that draw kids in AND support the practice
  • Tips for creating a cooperative classroom - priceless, right?
  • Points to ponder and guided questions - to help you assimilate the material
  • and much more


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Why Yoga For Children?

Children love Yoga. They love the movement and creative expression associated with the poses (called Yoga asanas). They appreciate the benefits and they cherish the opportunity to "rest" at the end of each class.  Yoga helps kids feel like themselves again.

Yoga can give children the ability to:

  • Develop strength, flexibility and coordination - of both body and mind
  • Improve focus - to ace that crazy hard math test
  • Raise self-awareness - to learn when to say when, whether it's peer pressure to try drugs or grabbing another fistful of chocolate chip cookie bars
  • Build self-esteem - a key factor for success in life
  • Release stress and relax completely - because bodies don't grow and brains don't work under stressful conditions
  • Sleep better - for healthy growth and a healthy life!
  • Breathe well - so the whole mind/body system functions optimally
  • Regulate moods and energy - so whether they are super talkative and silly or slumped over with eyes half open, children know how to find balance
  • Cultivate healthy habits - for a lifetime of wellbeing
  • Generate a sense of inner peace and contentment they can share with the world

fun Yoga with kid

Who is Essentials For?

  • Yoga teachers with training in adult Yoga looking to learn techniques for children
  • Children's Yoga teachers looking for more in-depth training


It's also for anyone who has a basic understanding of Yoga and at least a year of personal practice.



  • Parents - help your kids reduce stress, get homework done and sleep better

  • Grandparents – bond with the grandkids in a whole new way
  • Educators - create a calm, focused classroom
  • Pediatric Healthcare Professionals - help your clients experience greater wellbeing
  • Social Workers - incorporate connectivity
  • Daycare Providers - cultivate a culture of peace in the center
  • Anyone who cares for/about children - help children feel vibrant, connected and at ease

Essentials is not recommended for anyone new to the practice of Yoga.