We want to provide you with whatever you need - training, guidance, information and resources - to accomplish your goals towards children's wellness.  On these pages we offer lots of FREE resources we hope you'll find useful and inspirational.


Mira's Blog

Visit Mira's blog. It has tons of real life stories of Yoga with children and other related topics. You can add your comments or questions to any of the posts. Mira is happy to talk Yoga with all who share her passion.

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Recommended Reading

Recommended reading is a compilation of some of the resources and recommended readings from our training program. 


Books and Music

Check out these fun suggestions for books and music you can use in your Yoga classes - or at home.


Article Archive

Read through the many articles Mira has written on Yoga for children and families in the articles archive. Most are available for reprint. Permission required.


Additional Features

We have lots of different ways we can provide you with Yoga tools and resources. Check out the features below that include training, guidance, information and resources - to accomplish your goals towards children's wellness.

Themed Yoga
Lesson Plans

Are you looking for ideas for a creative Yoga class for children? Each plan is thoughtfully structured following the same class plan outline we teach the students in our teacher training program.



Chill Children
Guided Relaxation CD

Learning to relax and calm yourself is a valuable life skill. These seven soothing tracks can be enjoyed one at a time or as many as you like. The seven lovely visualizations on this CD are based on the practice of Yoga Nidra and will guide you effortlessly into deep states of relaxation.


Mudras for Children

Mudras can help children quickly feel calm, assured and centered. They can also help cultivate a strong, balanced and clear mind. Each mudra has its own effect and its own healing capacity. This downloadable eBook includes an introduction to mudras, how and why to practice mudras, and instructions for 10 simple mudras suitable for children.


The Global Family Yoga Method

For even more helpful tools and information, consider becoming a member of our Ohana. No matter where you are on your path - just starting out, many years of experience or somewhere in between - you're hungry to learn more. We understand. We're life-long learners, too! That's why in addition to our online and in-person training programs, we offer continuing education in many forms and new content to keep our teachers inspired and informed.