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Chinese Dragons

Dragons are a huge part of Chinese culture.  Emperors, and the Chinese population in general, refer to themselves as descendants of the dragon.  They represent so many things, including: abundance, prosperity, good fortune, power, excellence and nobility. 

Chinese dragons can be wise and caring as well as arrogant and mischievous.  They are known to overcome obstacles until success is attained.  They are guardians and heroes. 

In other words, we can learn a lot from Chinese dragons! While Western dragons are fierce – famous for burning down castles – Eastern dragons are friendly, benevolent and wise.  Rather than breathing fire, they breathe clouds!

The last year of the dragon was 2012.  The next is 2024. 

This lesson plan promotes cultural diversity and explores positive qualities. It is a stabilizing practice that increases awareness of the spine and central energy channel. 

This theme is suitable for children ages 4 years old through teens. It is a robust plan with modifications for children under 7.