$27.00 USD

Stress, Anxiety & Yoga

August 15 @ Noon Central

Equip yourself with tools to guide children through the number one challenge children face today - stress and anxiety. Discover yoga practices that promote emotional resilience and nervous system regulation, plus practical tools to educate children about their own body and mind so they become the captain of their own ship, even when being tossed about by difficult emotions and nervous system states.

Yoga is an unsurpassed strategy for reducing anxious feelings. You’ll get the top tips for formal classes as well as on-the-go for whatever situation you support children.

Global Family Yoga Master Classes will help you hone your skills using Yoga with a capital "Y" for families and children of all ages. There will be Q&A to address your individual needs & interests. The session will be personalized and interactive. We have discovered that some of the best connections have been made at these community-building continuing education classes.

Facilitator skills master classes are intended for anyone in a teaching space -  school teachers, yoga teachers, counselors, coaches or anyone in the role of facilitating a group (sports team, scout troop, etc.) who wants to incorporate a holistic approach into their work.

They are recorded so even if you are unable to attend live, the class is available to you.