Yoga Nidra for Children eCourse

$97.00 USD

What You'll Get

History & Background

How we combine ancient and modern approaches to Yoga Nidra as well as how we make it safe, engaging and effective for children.

The Steps to Yoga Nidra for Children

You’ll get the exact steps to take in order to guide children through this transformative practice.  Each step includes several different techniques you can use on their own or as part of this full practice. Each technique within each step – can be used anytime and anywhere to help a child find balance in body and mind.

Instructional Videos 

Walking you through each element of the course.

Many Helpful Extras

Additional resources to deepen your understanding of Yoga Nidra, image files to help you deliver the practice and a done-for-you script for a guided relaxation.

Bonus Material

Full recordings of both a children’s and adult Yoga Nidra practice.


Chill Children Guided Relaxation Digital Download

You'll get immediate access to all the tracks from our guided relaxation for children CD.

Multiple Formats

There are video, audio and .pdf files - so you will have the information to keep forever in whatever format best suits your style. You can take the course completely online or download the files to watch, listen or read on the go.

Discussion Area

Ask questions, make comments, and share your experiences as much as you like via the online comments area. We'll be there with answers, support and encouragement.
Children are seeking out tools for their own wellbeing.  YOU can be the one to provide them!

Account Information

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