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Mythology from all traditions abound with gods and goddesses of love.  Perhaps the most well-known, at least in Western culture, is Cupid.

Cupid, the son of Venus who is the Roman goddess of love, is often depicted as a chubby cherub holding a bow and arrow that represents his power. According to ancient myth, when one is shot with Cupid’s arrow one is overcome with desire for a particular object or person.

As this myth moved into the Middle Ages, Cupid became a symbol for both heavenly and earthly love within the same person.  Today, Cupid is most often depicted drawing his bow and shooting an arrow to inspire romantic love. 

We may often think of Cupid flying busily about on St. Valentine’s Day.  While little is known about St. Valentine, he is no myth and his feast day on February 14 has come to be recognized in many countries around the world as a day for celebrating love in its various forms – desire, self-love, love of others (friendship), unconditional love. 

This Lesson Plan is an energizing and connecting practice suitable for ages 6 and up. It includes several ideas for books, crafts and activities in addition to a complete Yoga practice.