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The Warrior Princess

We often base Lesson Plans on picture books. You can always do the practice without the book but the story engages the children and brings them along on their Yoga journey.

This offering is something different. Here we are selling the book and the accompanying Lesson Plan is free.

Book Description
46 color pages
11(w) x 8.5(h) x .25(d)
Ages 3-9 years

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The Warrior Princess is a yogi's tale of facing and overcoming obstacles. On a deeper level, it is about learning about oneself and one's inner strength, knowing you are valuable just as you are.

The story begins with the narrator, a fox, asking its listeners to settle in for the tale of the Warrior Princess. The heroine of the story seeks to find her true self. She asks everyone, and the world tells her. The giraffe says she's too short. The peacock says she's not as pretty as her. The frog says she's not the right color. She is afraid they are right, but she pushes on because she is the Warrior Princess and deep down their answers don't feel right. She learns that these self-doubts are part of the obstacles that keep her from seeing her true self. She finds the truth with the help of a wise old lion.

In addition to the engaging story, tucked within the colorful pages of this book are interactive activities (think I Spy and Highlight magazine’s hidden objects) where hidden Yoga poses are waiting to be discovered as well as an introduction to the self-empowering world of Yoga. 

About the Author
D. L. Murphy is a certified adult/children’s Yoga instructor and has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Administration. She received her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University. The Warrior Princess is her first children’s book to author and illustrate.  Home is a farm in Franklin, Tennessee where she resides with her husband, family and an assortment of farm animals