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We wanted to create something to support your family feeling well, in your own home at your own time. These guided relaxations are just like what we use and teach for children's Yoga classes. They are based on the principles of Yoga Nidra - a very effective technique for inducing deep states of rest and renewal.

Chill Children Guided Relaxation Digital Download

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Chill Children
Guided Relaxation
Physical CD

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Track List: 

  1. Welcome - practice notes to help you get the most out of these guided journeys.
  2. Dead Bug - physically shake the limbs to release tension from the body.
  3. Shining Star - feel a point of light touch, warm and relax each part of your body.
  4. A Visit With the Worry Witch - leave all your worries and concerns with the Worry Witch who will stitch them into her beautiful quilt, leaving you free to explore a very special place.
  5. Waterfall of White Light - feel white energy pouring down into the top of your head and through your body, washing away any tension or bad feelings held in the body.
  6. Magic Carpet Ride - take an inspiring journey to a place where you feel peaceful, relaxed, safe and protected.
  7. True Nature - feel all the elements of nature around you and within you.
  8. Good Night - listen in bed to help your mind and body prepare for sleep and drift off into dreams.

relaxation music for kids

These seven soothing tracks can be enjoyed one at a time or as many as you like. They can be used as a way to transition from school (or work) to home, before homework or before bed - any time you want to unwind and relax the mind.

Creative Child Magazine 2011 Preferred Choice award winner

Creative Child Magazine is a national bi-monthly publication that provides parents with the latest information on how to nurture their child's creativity.

Yoga Chicago also reviewed the CD in their May/June 2011 issue. Click here to read that review.