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Are you looking for resources, advice, suggestions, help in overcoming obstacles and a sounding board for issues and ideas? You're not alone! We get requests all the time - in person, by phone, via email, and through all kinds of social media. People need support and our mission is to provide it. That's why we created this community.

Global Family Yoga™ was the first Yoga Alliance® Registered Yoga School focused on children and families. Our signature program is at the forefront of the revolution in children's Yoga.  We’ve trained thousands of adults and taught thousands of children over the past 20+ years. Now we're offering you access to the robust collection of resources we've created.

What you'll get:

Monthly Master Classes
These focused, online sessions will help you hone your skills around specific topic areas. The classes are personalized and interactive. We've discovered some of the best connections have been made at these community-building continuing education programs.

Monthly Members Tea
In addition to the monthly Master Class, you'll have the opportunity to gather online with other like-minded members. Tea is optional and this is more than a social. These are casual, less structured conversations about topics of interest to the group. Get your questions answered and find out what other teachers are up to. Members find terrific inspiration and support during these gatherings.

Quarterly Business/Marketing Coaching
Once a quarter our monthly "tea" becomes a coaching/planning session. Members share their success stories and collaborate to tackle marketing challenges. These dynamic gatherings transform obstacles into opportunities, providing you with actionable business tips so you can make a living doing what you love. 

Children's Yoga Pose Bank
Our online library of child-friendly Yoga pose video clips will demonstrate proper technique, cues and modifications. Asana, breathing practices, meditation, mudras, games and more. Planning classes with confidence has never been easier. 

Principals Behind the Practice Podcasts
This is where you can continue to deepen your understanding of Yoga - technique, theory and practice. Learn on the go with 20-minute Principles Behind the Practice podcasts.

Guided Personal Practices
There is no nurturing anyone until we have nurtured ourselves. To best serve the children and families in our lives we must be balanced. That's why we created this quick and easy way to get your Yoga on every day.  Pick a quick 10-minute practice or mix and match clips for an hour or more!

Webinar Bank
Benefit from learning opportunities that contribute directly to your professional development and success. Enhance your skills and acquire new knowledge on topics related to yoga for children.

Private Facebook Group
Join other members in our interactive social group. This is where we stay connected between our monthly meetings.

Affiliate Opportunities
As a Member, you'll have the opportunity to earn referral fees/commissions by sharing our online courses with your community.

Member Discounts
You'll save over 50% on themed lesson plans. Members pay just $7.  It takes between 1 to 3 hours or more to plan a single children's yoga class. We've done the work for you. Each plan is thoughtfully structured following the same class plan outline we teach the students in our teacher training program. You'll save hours!

Everything is available to you on demand in an easy-to-access resource bank...for just $27 a month! 


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FREE 15-day trial! Get exclusive access to extensive Yoga-based resources we have prepared, just for you. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned pro.


Yoga Teachers

Teaching kids can be incredibly rewarding, but also requires the ability to deal with distracting behavior. In addition to engaging lesson plans, you'll get ongoing education in just how and why yoga works, resources for your own consistent home practice AND a very supportive community of like-minded instructors.


Parenting isn't about perfection, it's about presence. Whatever your child needs, you can better provide it when you are both feeling centered and calm. The Membership Program provides meaningful strategies, a library of resources and easy-to-use techniques that you and your child will love.


Imagine a cooperative classroom of mindful students who know how to self-regulate. A few simple yoga practices can help students feel more calm, confident and focused... but with curriculum requirements and a packed day, how are you going to add in anything else? We're here to help with pre-packaged lesson plans, a children's yoga pose bank and informative videos filled with games, poses, instructions and more.

Pediatric Professionals

Yoga has become an essential part of a progressive pediatric practice - stay relevant in your field by integrating yoga into your sessions. Many pediatric professionals have already shifted to a more yoga-focused practice. Find out why, and explore the many simple ways to use yoga as a central component in your work.



What is Crocodile? How do you get into and out of Crow pose? What is a simple modification for Rainbow pose? How do you make Downward Dog more fun? What are the alignment cues for Triangle? What are the benefits of Switch Breath?

Our online library of child-friendly Yoga pose video clips will show you. It is divided into categories - Breath Awareness, Warm-ups, Yoga Postures (Asanas), 3 Pose Flows, Partner Poses, Games, 5-Minute Yoga Breaks and Relaxation. Watch the children in action along with instructions for when and how to practice. We think you will like these even more than those crazy cat videos on YouTube. There are currently 100+ clips available. 



This is where you can continue to deepen your understanding of Yoga - technique, theory and practice. Learn on the go with 20-minute Principles Behind the Practice podcasts.

What's the deal with the funny hand gestures? Why is everything in some foreign language? What poses are best to do before and after a big backbend? Is it okay to skip relaxation at the end of a practice? Why does Yoga make you fart? These and other pressing questions are answered clearly and simply by an expert in the field.

The science of Yoga is vast.  Mira has been immersed in the teachings, full-time, for more than 20 years.  She breaks it down for you so that it is meaningful and applicable.  Your confidence will soar.

Walk into your Yoga classes swinging your arms and humming because you are confident that what you have to share works and you understand why.  Mira has tremendous skill at distilling the sometimes hard-to-understand practice of Yoga into practical strategies you can use right away. 


  • Detailed instructions, following our proven signature system, for a full 45 minute - 1.5 hour class
  • A breakdown of a shorter, 20-minute practice
  • 5 minute Yoga breaks
  • Themes, teaching points and games
  • Modified for various ages - 4 years old through teens...and families too!
  • An engaged community to help you modify for your exact, unique needs

Save over 50% with your Member discount!

How to Use These Lesson Plans


Before bed, before homework,
to start the day in a positive way

School Teachers

5 minute Yoga breaks to calm the chaos

OTs, PTs, Counselors

Weave this content into your therapeutic approach session

Adult Yoga Teachers

Many use these exact techniques in adult Yoga classes!


The support, camaraderie and connection of a worldwide community of like-minded souls who share your passion for a brighter future. We gather twice a month - in our Master Classes and Teas - plus stay connected in our private Facebook group. Members tell us this connection to community, with its ongoing support and inspiration, is among the most valuble benefits of Membership.

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