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The demand to support children moving through anxious feelings has never been greater. Because of this, we are pulling our specialty program, Anxious to Awesome™, out of our Therapeutic Applications of  Yoga for Children training and offering it as a standalone weekend training.

Once you have completed this training, you will be prepared to offer our signature 6-week course for children ages 6 - 16. You'll also have the resources to offer these strategies in small segments throughout your day as a parent, school teacher, therapist or other pediatric professional. 


Anxiety in Children is Prevalent and Pervasive

Conservative estimates are that 20% of school-age children experience anxiety to the extent that it disrupts their quality of life. This can include physical issues such as tummy trouble or headaches. It can also interfere with a child's ability to socialize or participate in activities.
The numbers are even higher with teenagers. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 32% of adolescents have an anxiety disorder. Of adolescents with an anxiety disorder, an estimated 8.3% have a severe impairment (according to DSM-IV criteria).

And that was before Covid. There are a lot of children who need your help!

The CDC reports that children with anxiety or depression were more likely than those without to have:

  • Another mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disability, or speech or language problems
  • Other chronic health conditions, like asthma or hearing problems
  • Challenges with school
  • Parents who report high levels of stress and frustration with parenting
  • Unmet medical and mental health service needs

What Can I Do?

Learn our signature 6-week course Anxious to Awesome™ for children ages 6 -16.  It's done for you and ready to go so kids can feel less anxious and more awesome for this school year.
Yoga addresses the root cause of any imbalance and supports wellbeing on all levels – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Children will learn wellness habits that last a lifetime.


What's Included?

  • An intimate and supportive experience with other compassionate caregivers like you
  • High quality training with Mira Binzen who has over 20 years of experience and a depth of knowledge unmatched in the world of Yoga for children
  • Specific techniques that are safe, effective and fun for children
  • Clear and simple insight into the rich tradition and technology behind these strategies
  • A framework that brings it all together for a powerful and transformative experience for children
  • A complete, done-for-you course that you will experience for yourself in this training – then be able to deliver to the children in your community right away
  • Modifications for various ages and situations
  • A digital manual
  • The option to join our Ohana community for ongoing support and engagement

Want to help your kid get centered and empowered for the day before you send them off to school? Need to have some “reset” strategies in your classroom? Looking for effective ways to begin and end a therapy session? Ready to bring this full course to your community? All this is included in our Anxious to Awesome™ program.

Where & When

This training will be held online via Zoom

Saturday & Sunday
March 5 & 6, 2022

9:00am - 4:00pm each day
Central Time

Cost: $295

To ensure this training is an intimate and supportive experience, space is limited.


Do you have a special training need for your group?

Global Family Yoga welcomes the opportunity to customize a workshop specifically for your school or organization. We love to travel and have experience facilitating trainings around the world. Our commitment is to support you in bringing the benefits of Yoga to children...wherever you are.
Contact us for more details.

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