Therapeutic Applications of Yoga for Children -
Advanced Certification

Our Therapeutic Applications of Yoga for Children course gives you powerful, positive, advanced training that empowers YOU to help children be who they came here to be.

This training is particularly targeted to pediatric therapy practitioners, educators and Yoga teachers. Parents and other caregivers who meet the application criteria will also benefit from this learning experience.


How This Course Helps Children

You'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help children physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Children gain greater poise, grace and confidence as well as balance, strength and flexibility. Imagine going through life with effortless aligned posture and feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

They also experience less sickness and disease, less aches and pains. Being physically healthier lowers the risk of periodic or chronic illness.

Plus, better sleep and digestion – the foundation of physical wellbeing.

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Focused thinking improves.

Children gain greater emotional intelligence, which includes more meaningful relationships. It’s an incredibly important part of the human experience. 

They develop a strong internal compass to make life-affirming decisions throughout life. 

Plus, improved mood, balanced energy and ability to handle change with grace and ease.  In other words, less reactionary. All this allows children to participate in classroom and social activities with minimal disruption.

Authentic confidence to avoid negative peer pressure, bullying, and other social challenges.

A deep-rooted sense of calm… which helps them make effective decisions in high-pressure situations.


Children become more able to reflect and be still. 

They'll learn to transcend the limitations of their personality and move beyond like/dislike, swipe left/right, and the brittleness of ego.

They'll gain:

  • A strong sense of purpose
  • Ability to identify and pursue aspirations
  • A connection to the world around them
  • The ability to live in harmony with all life
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How Will This Training Help You?

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Yoga Nidra

This is a deeply transformative practice. Yoga nidra sessions during the training will help to integrate your learning experiences. You will then learn how to deliver this practice to children. Help them learn to self-regulate and develop self-mastery.

Personal Practice

There is no nurturing anyone until you have nurtured yourself. Develop or transform your personal practice to become a deep well of energy, inspiration and calm. We strive to help you live a life of purpose, connection and ease.

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Upon successful completion of Therapeutic Applications of Yoga for Children you'll have gained the following valuable skills:

  • A working knowledge of the theory and practice of specific Yoga techniques such as regulated breathing, guided relaxation, and Yoga poses that are safe, fun and beneficial for children
  • The ability to deliver life-affirming approaches that help children see themselves as much more than the diseases and conditions with which they’ve been diagnosed
  • An understanding of how to positively impact environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence the behavior of children
  • The power to identify, create and adapt optimal healing environments… both externally and internally
  • A set of specific assessment tools to deliver professional, tailored experiences for kids and families
  • Knowledge of a wide range of Yoga techniques to provide individualized wellness plans for each child
  • The capacity to effectively use small group and one-on-one sessions to maximize each child’s potential through Yoga
  • And much, MUCH more!

Those who are registered Yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance® will earn 50 contact hours of continuing education.

Offered July 17-23, 2022

in Racine, WI

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Registration is a two-step process.

  1. Download, complete and submit the application (below).
  2. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a link to complete your registration.

The required reading for this course includes Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley and Yoga For Wellness by Gary Kraftsow.

You will also need the Yoga Teacher's Toolbox produced by Joseph and Lillian LePage of Integrative Yoga Therapy. The Yoga Teachers Toolbox is an invaluable tool for any Yoga teacher and is a requirement of this course. It includes information on the five koshas, the systems of the body, Ayurveda, the chakras, the gunas, the prana vayus, the bandhas and the eight limbs of Yoga...all of which are covered in depth in this advanced training.  The Toolbox is included in your tuition when you register by the early registration deadline - a $75 value.

The complete list of required reading will be sent to you when your application is accepted. All other prerequisites not listed above are available for free online.

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How This Training Started

After years of teaching people how to share Yoga with children in a way that is safe, effective and fun many of you came back to us and said:

“HELP! Many kids are coming to my group Yoga classes with “special needs”.  The word is out that Yoga can not only help children feel calm and confident, but it can also help a child with sensory processing, it can help with anxious feelings, it can help with erratic behavior, it can help with low moods and other conditions from autism to Down syndrome to obesity."

Parents were bringing their children to Yoga classes (smart move on the parents part) and our trained teachers wanted to help. Teachers felt they needed additional training to meet the needs of this diverse group of children...and we're here to help.

Yoga teachers comprise about 30% of those who attend our trainings.  Others are parents, educators and pediatric professionals.  All appreciate the advanced methods learned in this training.

About the Retreat

This advanced training program is held at a beautiful former college on Lake Michigan in Racine, WI.  You will be able to completely relax in this serene environment.  It's like going on retreat with like-minded people who share your passion for children's wellbeing.

Stately buildings welcome you to a comfortable and homey retreat center.  The spacious grounds include a zen garden, labyrinth and lake views.  

While this is an intense training, you will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy all the available amenities.

The training starts at 4:00pm Sunday, July 17. Check-in begins at 2:00pm. 

We will conclude by 2:00pm Saturday, July 23. 


Charming single, double and triple guest rooms with comfortable, antique furnishings.

This year, due to the current health situation, all rooms will be private - regardless of the number of beds in the room.


Pricing includes course tuition, accommodations and vegetarian meals.

Private room = $2145
$1795 when registered by June 10. Save $350 with early registration!

Shared room = $1895
$1545 when registered by June 10. Save $350 with early registration!

We want you to feel safe at this retreat. Everyone will be given a private room for the shared room price of $1895. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on the steps we are taking to ensure proper social distancing and other health measures.


What to Bring

  • Plenty of comfortable clothes for Yoga
  • Yoga mat and props
  • Extra blanket/small pillow/bolster for Yoga Nidra
  • Journal
  • Toiletries
  • Shoes for walking outdoors
  • Umbrella and/or rain jacket for walking between buildings

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions or need additional information, please contact us.

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